Discover How To COMPLETELY REVERSE Type 2 Diabetes With An All Natural

Even If You Have Lived With It for 20+ Years...

“Please Don’t Cut His Leg Off”

My grandson cried out, tears streaming down his cheeks.

Sir, You Fell Into A Diabetic Coma...

The doctor told me as I blinked my eyes open, confused and scared.
My wife was sitting by my hospital bed holding my hand.
Her eyes were red and she looked worried.
She was pleading with the Doctor…


Please help us. There must be something you can do to save his leg.

I was in a heavily medicated daze. But I could just about make out that the doctor wanted to amputate my leg.

We’ve done all we can to stabilize him…
”the doctor told her,
But it looks like it’s too late

I couldn’t believe it. I was hours away from losing my leg to diabetes? I was 59 and had become a proud grandfather for the first time.

I had plans to enjoy my retirement. To spend time with family and travel the world with my wife, Linda. I couldn’t do any of this with one leg.

My life as I knew it would end in a blink of an eye.

I’d be in a wheelchair at my son’s wedding in a few months’ time.

I’d done everything my doctor told me to. And now because I was one of the 30 million Americans with diabetes….

This Horrific Disease Was Going To Rob Me Of My Retirement And Put Me In A Wheelchair For Life

Diabetes had devastated my body and made me a slave to my medication…

The doctor made it clear that my leg needed to be sawn off and the surgical procedure was very risky.

There could be complications.

But what he said next was much worse.

You fell into a hyperosmolar nonketotic coma.

Your blood sugar level was the highest I’ve ever seen here when the paramedics brought you in.

It’s only because of their quick response that you don’t have brain damage.

What he said next hit me like a ton of bricks.

We have to be clear about one thing:

Next Time You Won’t Be So Lucky…

And unless you fix your blood sugar that time could be as soon as next week.

So why am I telling you this?

I’m telling you this because I lived to tell the tale…

Here is what people who used this natural diabetes remedy to reverse their type 2 diabetes are saying

I Reversed My Type 2 Diabetes
And You Can Too…

Sit down, turn off your cell phone and put the "DO NOT DISTURB" sign on the door…
Read this entire letter to discover simple steps to reverse Type 2 Diabetes and Insulin Resistance...

Read to the end if you are serious about reversing your type 2 diabetes

Hear from the world’s top doctors and Nobel Prize winners and learn how to quickly lower your blood sugar naturally and eliminate the need for prescription drugs and insulin injections.
Do you want to

1. Normalize Your Blood Sugar - Without Pills, Calorie Counting or Hunger

2. Restore Pancreatic Function and Eliminate Insulin Resistance

3. Prevent Or Reverse Diabetes Complications

4. Increase Insulin and Leptin Sensitivity So You Can Easily Lose Weight and Keep It Off

5. Get Completely OFF Your Diabetes Medications

6. Boost Your Energy Levels, Strengthen Your Immune System and Improve the Quality Of Your Life????

If your Answer is YES Then  Pay Attention To Everything I Say Is Because What I Am About To Reveal Will Transform Your Entire Life…

Before we get to how you can reverse your diabetes type 2 for good or normalize high blood sugar, I have to reveal some critical information about diabetes that will shock you…

Most people think nothing bad will happen to them if they have diabetes. They think they’ll be fine if they take their medication.

Pay close attention and read this article until the end because it will be taken down in days and you can’t find this information anywhere else.

The 325-billion-dollar diabetes industry is furious about it and has been trying to keep it quiet for years...however...

Nobody Thinks They’re Going To Have A Limb Amputated, Drop Into A Diabetic Coma, Go Blind Or Become Less Of A Man In BED…


But that’s what this disease does to people like us…

Most doctors don’t tell their patients how deadly diabetes type 2 can be… they don’t want to worry the public.

But did you know a type 2 diabetic has a 1 in 6 chance of falling into a diabetic coma?
And did you know that 1 in 4 diabetics have a limb amputated?
did you know that every day, over 20 people with diabetes have a limb amputated?
That’s over 7,000 per year.
Yes, I will repeat. 7,000 sufferers have their limbs cut off in a calendar year.
How about losing your eyesight?
Diabetic retinopathy is an eye disease that degenerates the sight of 40.3% of diabetics in the USA.
More and more of us each day fall victim to the lies of the powerful diabetes industry like I did…
But even if losing your leg is horrific, it gets worse because…

Diabetes leads to Blindness, Heart Disease, Stroke, Kidney Failure...

and Even Poor Brain Health …

And diabetes increases women’s chances of cancer by 27% according to the medical journal Diabetelogia.

Can you imagine, high blood sugar is like pouring gasoline on fire as the death cells take over your body at a phenomenal rate…

And it doesn’t end there because…

A study published in World Journal of Diabetes found that diabetes increases the risk of severe brain deterioration by 65%.

Some doctors are now calling this brain sickness Diabetes Type 3.

If you’ve been having trouble with your memory lately, it could be because diabetes is infecting your brain as well as your body.

And what I’m about to say will be more important than ever because…

If you’re a victim of this crippling disease you have to know one thing:

It’s not your fault.

I only found out the truth thanks to a chance encounter with an unlikely medical professor.

If it wasn’t for this meeting I’d be six feet under instead of talking to you.

Shockingly my own doctor who I trusted, never once mentioned it to me.

I felt furious at myself for having blindly followed his advice.

Advice which led to a sudden diabetic coma, to the brink of brain damage and leg amputation.

Thousands have men and women have reversed their diabetes type 2 and now live happy, healthy lives. And it’s all thanks to the formula I’m about to share with you.

Now I can understand it if you’re feeling skeptical at this point because most people believe there's nothing you can do to reverse diabetes type 2. I used to believe that too.

But if you stay with me for 10 minutes...

I’ll Show You The Scientific Proof Behind This Method That Reverses Type 2 Diabetes In 9 Out Of 10 People And You Can Decide Yourself If It’s Worth It…


Before we get to how you can reverse your type 2 diabetes for good, I should introduce myself.

My name is Richard.

I’m 61 years old and work as a CSO for a top politician here in Nigeria, Lagos to be precise.


I’m a security team leader and I have 6 guys in my team.

I’m married with 2 grown up sons, Abel and Jude. One grandson, Lawson, and another on the way.

For 18 years I was a bodyguard to a top politician in the country. Then one morning as I was out on a bust, my leg was hit by a stray bullet which damaged my kneecap.

I took medical retirement and switched to working private security because I’ve always felt responsible for the safety of others.

I’m married to my beautiful wife Lucy. We enjoy eating out at restaurants and sharing a delicious dessert after our meal such as ice cream with chocolate cake, or warm apple pie.
I was spending about N160,000 per month on insulin alone

I’m going to tell you how you can enjoy these foods too, without guilt or worry, and be free of diabetes type 2.

Telling My Story Is Deeply Emotional For Me...
But It’s Too Important To Keep From You And It Could Save Your Life Or Someone Important To You

Back in my early 50s, our 2 children had grown up and moved out. We were enjoying a new freedom at that time of our life.

I took my health for granted because I felt fine.

Until one week in early March that year I started noticing some unusual symptoms.

I’d have uncontrollable cravings for sweet buns and desserts like profiteroles.

I’d often be thirsty and feel tired. All this made it difficult to work.

We thought it was fatigue from working shifts but a visit to the doctor’s revealed something completely different…

I was diagnosed diabetic.

It caught me by surprise. Like a slap in the face.

I knew nothing about diabetes but I trusted I was in good hands with my doctor.

From that day on, he prescribed Metformin and I went for monthly check-ups on my blood sugar.

I thought the medication would help my diabetes to get better.

But instead, it got much worse over the next 5 years.

My blood sugar levels became more erratic. The tingling in my legs got more bothersome.

Cravings for sweet foods overwhelmed me.

I’m embarrassed to admit I found it hard to be intimate with my wife, for the first time in my life, I felt less of a man and I packed on over 40 pounds of fat, I gained excess weight around my belly and back…

My blood pressure went up. Nerve pains bothered my leg.

My doctor upgraded my medication to Metformin Glyburide but this only gave me a whole new bunch of side effects such as bloating, kidney pains and muscle aches…

You may be noticing these symptoms too…

Until One Night At Work I Collapsed And Woke Up In The Hospital...

It was a busy night and the stress levels were through the roof due to repeated red security alerts...

We were short-staffed and under a lot of pressure.

The last thing I remember is feeling very hot and confused.

Next thing I knew was waking up in the hospital bed, lights blinding my eyes, feeling groggy

And that’s when I heard the doctor discussing the schedule for my leg amputation.

Right at that moment, my eldest son Abel came into the hospital room with his 4-year-old boy, my dear grandson Lawson.

“We’ll have to cut off his leg from above the knee. The blood vessels are narrowing.”


Doctor James was telling my wife.

“We can schedule surgery for tomorrow at 1:30pm.”

He continued, unaware that he had new visitors in the room.

My grandson, standing behind him, overheard this and immediately burst into tears.

Don’t you touch my Grandpa.

Don’t cut off his leg.

He’s the best grandpa in the world.

He cried and cried and brought us to tears.

And maybe Doctor Richardson had a heart after all, because he decided to delay the leg amputation. Maybe it was too much for him to see a young boy devastated.

We’ll need to operate in 8 weeks or less. He told my wife after they left.

If We Don't Amputate Him
Diabetes Could Take His Life…

The first 3 days after my discharge from hospital I was like a zombie. I lay around feeling sorry for myself, hardly speaking and contemplating what life will look like in a wheelchair.

As I lay there on the couch thinking about my future I knew I had 3 choices

1. I could accept this as my fate. I’d lose my leg and spend the rest of my life in misery, a burden to others, broke and unable to walk, travel or live normally ever again.

2. I could get mad at the world and complain about how medicine had failed me.
I could tell anyone who’d listen that the diabetes industry was a giant fraud and I was a victim.

3. Or I could choose to fight back and beat this. The thought of my grandson in tears and seeing my wife as sad as I’d ever seen made me mad. And that wasn’t right.

So that day I made a vow that I wouldn’t rest until I found a solution to my diabetes.

And because I knew people would think I was crazy, I told nobody but my wife.

I had several weeks off work and my first priority was to find out everything about diabetes type 2.

I got to it. I spent 6 hours a day and as many nights passed out in bed with my laptop for the next 2 weeks. I researched medical studies in journals, in libraries and on the internet.

What Was Disturbing From My Research Was That Diabetes Type 2 Is On The Increase All Over The World, And Fast…


But the a kept on researching, jumping from one Facebook post to the other and one Blog Post to the other 

And FINALLY I Stumbled Upon This Post That Saved My Life And I Got Rid Of Type 2 Diabetes Forever

It was around 4am that faithful Thursday morning, I was still up researching, I came across this post about a diabetic research by name Dr. Francis Udolf.

He is an Indian Doctor, He is based in Paraguay and comes to some part of Africa to collect natural herbs

In his post, he talked about the Real Cause of Type 2 Diabetes is PANCREATIC HORMONE RESISTANCE (P. H. RESISTANCE)

P. H. resistance happens when the body is unable to draw in glucose from the blood for use…

What this means is that there will be excess sugar running around the body that the cells cannot use for energy…

This is why people suffering from diabetes always feel tired every time…

Also when the cells do not receive glucose…

The organs begin to die off gradually…

Talking loss of eyesight slowly.

Hence the solution to reversing type 2 diabetes is to deal with P.H. resistance

Dr. Francis Udolf Was Using Herbs He Got From India and Paraguay Rain Forest And Parts Of Africa To Develop A Natural And  Powerful “TEA” To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes For His Patients In India and Paraguay And Beyond…

On the post I got his email address, I sent him a email and told him about what I'm going through and the research so far and how I wouldn't want my legs to be amputated. I left my contacts details hoping he will reply my mail or call me. I waited for his reply first day, second day and third day but all to no avail.

Two weeks past and I continued my research, exactly 6pm Nigerian time, I got woken up with a call from his assistant in India. I’ll make this quick, she said...

Dr. Francis will be in FCT-Abuja next week. If you’d like to see him, he can spare some time for you.

She made an appointment for Friday afternoon and that day I drove the 12 hours to Abuja, not knowing what to expect.

Dr. Francis was a bright guy, very clear and down to earth. I quickly learned he’d lived and worked in a few different countries.

He had a number of awards for his breakthrough diabetes research in India, Paraguay, Nigeria, Ghana, India and Singapore.

And his story was interesting…

His parents had both developed type 2 diabetes when he was in medical school. He’d seen how diabetes had ruined their lives.

The side effects of the medication, the weight gain, the loss of energy. Not to mention the drain on their finances. It was painful for him to watch.

And without needing meds that damage your kidneys and cost the earth.

Let’s be clear about one thing Richard...he told me.  

The true cause of diabetes type 2 is fat deposits around the pancreas are the primary cause of the disease.

See, the pancreas produce insulin, the hormone that helps your body absorb blood sugar. That means the pancreas is the organ responsible for keeping your blood glucose levels normal. It’s a precise job – not enough insulin, and your blood sugar will skyrocket.


When fat deposits form around the pancreas, it throws everything out of whack. That fat squeezes and invades the pancreas, preventing it from producing enough insulin, and increasing your body’s insulin resistance.


That means your bloodstream gets less insulin, and the insulin that’s actually there can barely do its job of helping your body absorb blood sugar.
These fat deposits keep your blood glucose levels dangerously high, making you develop Type 2 Diabetes.

Get rid of the fat deposits, and you get rid of Type 2 diabetes, getting rid of them so quickly was like giving a jumpstart to the pancreas.

We were about 10 of us in his office, all diabetic 

The I asked him the big Question, Sir, how do we get rid of this fat deposits. He brought a pouch that contains 25 tea bags inside, this Tea has the exact fats, sugars, carbs, and essential vitamins and minerals to attack and destroy those fat deposits around the pancreas he said.

Dr. Francis gave his Pouch of 25 Tea bags(4 to 6 pouch each) to people with Type 2 Diabetes from all works of life: men, women, young, old, the newly diagnosed and people who have had the disease for decades, He said, if you've been diabetic for over 6 to 10+years, you will take this for 3months but if you've been diabetic for over 5years or less then it might not take up to 3months.

We called it a day and I forgot I will drive back to Lagos... phew.. 12hours drive, he told us he will be back in 3months time and he gave us instructions on how to take this Tea. 

Don't get me wrong, he didn't give us this Tea for free but looking at someone that spends thousands monthly on insulin, I was ready to pay any amount to get this Tea, I got more of the Tea and left for Lagos immediately.

On reaching Lagos, I gave my wife situation report

1 week later my fasting blood sugar was down from 298 to 179.

Next week it was down to 156.

And 4 weeks of taking the Tea dropped right down to 123!

I checked for a couple of days and my fasting blood sugar wavered above 135 a few times.

Then I noticed Dr. Francis had added a handwritten note saying that I had to eat a little earlier in the evening than I was.

I did what he said and 3 days later my blood sugar levels were down to a healthy 118 and stayed there.

The fat was falling off my frame. My energy levels were starting to soar.

 fast forward 3months later I got a mail that Dr. Francis is in Nigeria, I rushed down to Abuja to tell him the good news

The Results Were Mind Blowing, I don't believe in magic but this Tea worked like one, Amazing results and Awesome Testimonials from everyone

Everyone who completed the dosage saw the fat deposits around their pancreas disappear, their blood sugar normalizes, and their Type 2 Diabetes reversed. Every single person was able to stop taking their medication.
I’ll say that again: all of the participants. I mean 100%.

 Except for Mr. Jide whose sugar level was around 310 and he got two pouch instead of getting more, he sugar level did drop from 310 to 145 which is amazing, he wished he got more but thank goodness that Dr. Francis is here and he came with some.

Hearing the testimonials, I was excited because now I had hope for the future and, I hadn’t allowed the doctor to amputate my legs just yet.

I asked Dr. Francis Udolf a very interesting question: Sir why didn't you turn this Tea Bags into capsules?? 

And He replied... Look my friend Richard, I am a doctor and a scientist, I have turned this Herbal Powder into capsules and it worked very well but the efficacy dropped by 30% to 50% 

we thought we have done something wrong, then we went back to the drawing board and found that this Powder works better as you take it raw and fresh without turning into capsules and using preservatives on it. since we want everything to be natural and organic with NO Side Effects

Fair enough?? he asked me and I answered "all clear sir"


These natural Herbal Powder actually reversed my Type 2 Diabetes. I told my wife and she cried out loud, God is the greatest.

I gave it 2 more weeks then went back to see my Doctor for my tests.

He seemed to be preparing to schedule my amputation and getting ready to give me the bad news.

But his expression turned to confusion, then outright astonishment as he looked at my results, then at me then back to my results again.

These numbers are off the charts, he said. Not once has anyone come in here after a few weeks with such a huge improvement. He doubted the results and went back in to conduct another test, he came back with a huge smile on his face....

Congratulations. You now have the fitness levels of a healthy 40-year-old...
And we can forget about the amputation surgery...

He asked me, what did you take? New diet or something?? Then I told him about jumpstarting my pancreas with a Pouch of 25 Tea Bags
He said, Mr. Richard, this is a Miracle

I walked out of there a free man. With the biggest smile ever on my face.

Could you imagine your doctor tells you you’re free of diabetes? How wonderful would you feel?

Lucy and I hugged each other and cried with happiness.

Suddenly, my whole life had been transformed.

I would never have to take meds or prick my finger.

I would never be a burden to my family and friends or have nightmares about diabetic comas or limb amputations again.

I could have a dream retirement with the energy to play with my wonderful grandchildren.

I could go out to restaurants and not have to worry about how tired I would get, or what food I could eat.

Swallow fufu any time of the day without worrying about my sugar level hitting the moon

And most importantly, my grandson son's(Lawson) birthday was approaching and I wouldn't want a situation whereby I will be the only one rejecting cake on his birthday. Not a good feeling at all, not something I ever imagined

And This Is How I Got Total Freedom From Type 2 Diabetes

The first thing I did after hearing the news was go see my grandson Lucas.

He looked worried as I kneeled down to speak to him. As if he remembered when the doctor was discussing my leg amputation.

Grandpa is better now. I told him, smiling.

We can go play together as much as you want.

Seeing the biggest, happiest smile break out on his face was the best moment of my entire life. He jumped up and hugged me, giggling with joy.

I love you Grandpa. He said.

I felt like a billion naira at that moment.

And I’m embarrassed to admit, I burst into tears.

The emotions were too much.

The little guy was too young to understand that it was all thanks to him and Dr. Francis

3 months later I had a checkup and I was as healthy as I’d been since my twenties.... AMAZING isn't it?

At my grandson's birthday, we ate cake I talked with my wife about our exciting plans now I’d reversed my diabetes.

Do you know what our wonderful grandson just said to me? I said...

Grandpa You Have To Help Others With Diabetes Get Better. A Boy With A Heart Of Gold

You know, he’s right…my wife Lucy replied. We have to spread the word and help others.

We started with few friends, family, and neighbors – anyone who suffered from Type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes around us. We shared my story, and invited them to try what what got from Dr. Francis.

The Result Was Unbelievable 

All who took “AYOGE Diabetes TEA” reversed their Type 2 Diabetes. They couldn’t thank us enough.

AYOGE Diabetes TEA have saving lives and transforming the happiness of entire families.

I can’t take the credit for the results you’ll get because it would never have been possible without the help of Dr. Francis and my family who supported me.


And if you’re here now, then I believe you’re ready to give it a try too.


I want you to get the same life-changing results that I did.

I want you to be part of this new wave of people who are reversing their diabetes type 2 and adding decades to their lives.

I want you to be free of type 2 Diabetes



GLUCOSE-TRIM Diabetes Herbal Powder is Capable Of:

1. Normalizing your blood sugar level
2. Getting you off the insulin, Glucophage (metformin) and other diabetes medications entirely.

3. Reverse insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes — safely and sustainably without the side effects of drugs or the risks of gastric bypass surgery.
4. Bringing your cholesterol level to normal

5. Boost Your Energy Levels, Strengthen Your Immune System and Improve the Quality Of Your Life
6. Activating the islets gland of the pancreas to secrete insulin

7. Attacking and removing excess glucose from the blood and preventing complication of diabetes

8. Boosting your sexual performance...

Forever vanquish needles, prescriptions, insulin, and medication side effects. These medical interventions are NOT NEEDED to reverse type 2 diabetes and live a normal long life. Discover how thousands of men and women worldwide have become diabetes-free, and how you can too:

Even If You Have a Family History of Diabetes

Even If You’ve Been Fighting Weight and Blood Sugar Problems for Decades
Even If You’ve Tried Every Diet Under The Sun Without Success
Even If You’re Already On Insulin or Drugs for Diabetes, High Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, or Have Any Related Complications
Without Harmful Drugs or Risky Surgical Procedures
Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible!


If you are suffering from any of the above symptoms, you can rest assured that I am going to help you reverse and eliminate them from your life by using this GLUCOSE-TRIM Diabetes Herbal Powder with zero side effects. A 100% Natural TEA that has been proven to work better, faster and is cheaper and safer than prescription drugs.


Here's to quickly normalize your blood sugar, fix insulin resistance, stop neuropathy pain, prevent blindness, amputations and other diabetes problems.

You're about to find out how you can take your health back and free yourself from the shackles of constant blood sugar readings and daily drug regimens.

These are just a few of the thousands of success stories I receive daily from people whose medical results prove the effectiveness of GLUCOSE-TRIM Diabetes Herbal Powder. They don't have to take any more drugs, inject insulin or worry about horrible complications.


Olatunji Paul From Lekki, Lagos Said: 

My doctor told me that I am no longer diabetic!
Thanks to GLUCOSE-TRIM Diabetes Herbal Powder on reversing diabetes I had tremendous changes in my life. After taking the Tea for 90days I did a medical check-up and I was amazed by my lab results. My blood sugar is now perfectly normal as a healthy person. My doctor says that I am no longer diabetic, that I am free of diabetes and that I can stop all the medications. Richard I am deeply grateful to you and Dr. Francis for GLUCOSE-TRIM Diabetes Herbal Powder.

God bless your noble work.

Dauda Mohammed From Sabon gari, Kano Said:

Blood glucose dropped from 312 to 120.
I'm so glad I found GLUCOSE-TRIM Diabetes Herbal Powder. I have been a type 2 diabetic sufferer for years. After 3months of taking the GLUCOSE-TRIM Diabetes Herbal Powder, I can report the following results:

Blood glucose dropped from 312 to 120
Blood pressure lowered 10 points on the top and the bottom
Cholesterol dropped 26 points.
GLUCOSE-TRIM Diabetes Herbal Powder is a breakthrough and a true Blessing for my heath and well being.

Chioma From Ekwulobia, Anambra state Said:

I am now off of all prescribed medications.
I feel very fortunate and privileged to have found GLUCOSE-TRIM Diabetes Herbal Powder. I’m just astonished with the results! I was suffering from type 2 diabetes for many years. By taking your GLUCOSE-TRIM Diabetes Herbal Powder my blood sugar has come down to normal range, I have lost excess weight, I have all kinds of energy and I don’t take insulin anymore! My overall health has improved dramatically and I am more confident with my life – I finally feel like myself again. And the big plus is being off of all prescribed medications! You have been a blessing to me and my family, Dalu Nnaa...

I know you will ask this question 

How fast can you expect to see results?
You should start getting results in a week or less, that is within 7days

Dr. Francis Udolf  main study, they tested people at 8 weeks, and then at 12 weeks.


By 8 weeks, about 50% of the participants had normal blood glucose levels.

By 12 weeks, 100% of the participants had reversed their Type 2 Diabetes. The fastest it has happened was 45 days. So, if you start using GLUCOSE-TRIM Diabetes Herbal Powder, you could be diabetes free in less than 90 days.

After A Few Weeks Of Following The Diabetes Freedom Program, You Can Say Goodbye To Pain, Frustration And Fear, And Start Enjoying Life Again Like Before…

What would you pay for Dr Adams GLUCOSE-TRIM Herbal Powder that would radically transform your life?

  • To restore the freedom of your younger years?
  • To lose all that unwanted body fat?
  • To save several thousand dollars a year on medication?

Many diabetics would pay 400k or 500k for a solution they knew would reverse their deadly condition permanently and add decades to their lives, I personally know people willing to pay me seven figures to get rid of this deadly disease.

And it would easily be worth it. Imagine the new freedom you’ll have once you’re free of diabetes type 2.

Reversing diabetes will transform your whole future. Your health and your finances.

Dr. Francis recommended that we sell this breakthrough diabetes type 2 reversing solution for 380k, YES you heard me right.

But I’m like you, a regular family man. My aim here is not to make money, only to cover my running costs. I’m proud that I had another life purpose. That’s good enough for me.

I want you to feel like you’re getting way more value than the small investment you make.

I’m going to do everything I can and give you the best deal you can imagine.

Which is why I won’t price this at even half or a quarter of that amount.

You’ve got me on a good day.


A Bottle of the  GLUCOSE-TRIM Diabetes Herbal Powder which will last for 30 days, so we divided it into Monthly Plans, 

One Month Plan is 1 bottle, Two Months Plan is TWO(2) Bottles and the Complete Treatment which is The Most Recommended is FOUR (4) Bottles because you'll be getting a free bottle

A Bottle Of GLUCOSE-TRIM Diabetes Herbal Powder goes for 25,000naira, but here is the good news, We are giving discount to only the first 25 persons 

One Month Treatment Plan (1 Bottle Of GLUCOSE-TRIM Diabetes Herbal Powder goes for 13,500 instead of 25,000... Saving 11,500naira

Two Months Treatment Plan (2 Bottles Of GLUCOSE-TRIM Diabetes Herbal Powder goes for 25,000 instead of 50,000... Saving 25,000naira

Three Months Treatment Plan (Four Bottles Of GLUCOSE-TRIM Diabetes Herbal Powder goes for 40,000 instead of 100,000... Saving 60,000naira

Take a second and imagine what it’ll be like when your doctor tells you you’re free and you don’t need diabetes medication anymore…

Can you imagine how good that’ll feel?

The increase in energy you’ll get…

The delicious meals you’ll eat out at restaurants…

The feeling of freedom to do what you want.

It’s recommended you go for the Three(3) Months Treatment Plan …to totally eliminate your Type 2 diabetes…

…And of course, it’s the exact Treatment Plan I took to reversed my disease in less than 90 days… So, I give you my word on this. I strongly recommend you take it as such to get the desired result.


Please Do Not Place an Order If You Won’t be able to receive your product from Monday – Friday.

Before You Go Ahead and Order, Please Note:

We deliver Nationwide same day or at most 3days and you will only pay when this product has been physically brought down to you face to face by the delivery person. We call it "Payment on Delivery" And it's FREE Delivery

Please be sure you are FULLY ready to receive and you have the money to pay at the point of delivery. DON'T PLACE ORDER IF YOU DON'T HAVE The  MONEY.

Aside the fact that the discount offer will close very soon, the demand for this product is very high and right now we have very LIMITED Stock and with the look of thing.....anyone that delay to place order might miss out of this. If you really desired getting this product, you have to place order right away.




Option two

Send SMS/ Text with below details to 09163323638 or 09047504951

Your full name
Your full address and LGA/state
Your phone numbers (you can provide two if available)

Example of the SMS format…

Mr Ciroma Chukwudi Taiwo. No 5, Adeniyi Close, VI, Lagos. 09163323638 or 09047504951. 3Months Plan of AYOGE Diabetes Tea.

Once you place your order via either of the provided option, our agent will call you and bring it to your doorstep within 24 to 48hrs.

You’re also going to get 100% FREE shipping! I can ship to your home address, your office, your mum or dad’s address or even a friend’s house.

Just let me know where you want your bottles shipped.

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with the AYOGE Diabetes Tea, just request a refund within 90 days, and I’ll refund your money 100%.

Look, you're about to make the smartest decision of your life

Some people aren’t ready to reverse their type 2 diabetes and experience life-changing benefits. And that’s fine.

If that’s the way you feel, then feel free to leave this website right now. This solution isn’t for you.

If you are ready to transform your entire life then you know that it’s time to be free of Type 2 Diabetes.

If You Start Today, You Could Be Free To Enjoy Life, Free From Worries About Heart Attacks, Strokes, Kidney Damage And Blindness and Astonish Your Friends and Family in 90days or less…

Look my friend, I'm about to sign off, but before I do, let me tell you something.

What will happen if you don’t make any changes? And What will happen if you let your diabetes destroy your life? Every day, for the rest of your life, you’ll have to go through the annoyance and pain of blood tests and insulin injections.

What will happen if you don’t make any changes? And What will happen if you let your diabetes destroy your life?

Every day, for the rest of your life, you’ll have to go through the annoyance and pain of blood tests, live on management drugs and insulin injections with no results except dangerous side effects like nausea, weight gain, sexual dysfunction and heart disease.

How about the severe fatigue?

Until your final days, you’ll be a burden on your family and friends.

Think of how they’ll suffer to see you in pain, your finances draining you. Only for you to die miserable.

Does that sound fair to you? Me neither.

Look, I know I’m being hard on you, but if you sit there and do nothing about diabetes this is what happens.

I don’t want you to feel bad. I don’t want this to happen. There’s a way out of this.

You Can Say Goodbye To Diabetes Type 2, Like I Did With AYOGE Diabetes TEA…

You can become one of those people who succeed.

You can start enjoying life again…

You can enjoy your favorite foods like fufu, semo, rice, cakes again without worry.

Think about the tens of thousands and millions of naira you’ll save when you stop your meds...


You can live a long, happy life…with the energy you need to do what you enjoy most.


You can be free. All it takes is this natural product.

We have limited Packs of AYOGE Diabetes Tea on ground. And I can’t guarantee supply if stock runs out.

Let us help You eliminate Type 2 Diabetes together.

Victory at last  

Richard The Type 2 Diabetes Killer

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WHATSAPP: 09163323638 or 09047504951

P.S. Because of the great customer demand, you may have to call two or three times before getting through on the phone.

Don’t stop trying…. It’s more than worth it.  


P.P.S. I expect that the price, after this “OFFER PERIOD” will be significantly higher.


Please in case you call and the number is busy, kindly send me a text message and i will reply you. Due to demands, the phone number is always very busy.


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