FINALLY 37-Year-Old Lagos-based Man Reveals How He Permanently ENDED A Chronic Hemorrhoid (PILE) Issue That Nearly Ended His Marriage Due To Poor Sexual Performance and Could Have Killed Him.

Now He Longer Uses Adult Pampers So Blood Won't Drip Out From His Cloth

He Can Now Sit Properly Without Any Pain


He Can Now Satisfy His Wife Non-stop

I bet you didn't know life could be this "hard" until you started experiencing pile pains and issues.

You're not alone!
"Did I offend anyone?"
Why can't I eat and drink what I like?

Why can't I sit properly?

Am I still going to have a happy life again?
Isn't it better to end my life and be free from all these pains?

these are the questions that keep popping up in my mind whenever everyday after going to toilet.

And if you're also experiencing similar issues, I truly know the feeling and understand it.

Guess what?

Hemorrhoids (PILE) can be TREATED PERMANENTLY!


I mean, a situation where you have to live without ANY SIGN OR SYMPTOM OF PILE.... Yes! It's very possible but rare.

That's why most orthodox (English) and local medicines you take don't heal you permanently.
They only make you feel better for a while.
After some time, boom! The pains are back again.

Let me tell you a quick story....

Not one of those stories you see every day.
This is a real-life story, and if you can spare about 3 minutes of your time, I'll show you exactly how a Lagos-based man ended her HEMORRHOID PERMANENTLY.

How it all started.

My name is Keneth; I'm currently based in Ago-palace way, Lagos.

I believe that you have been experiencing pile pains and torture, and that's why you're here looking for a solution. So, I wouldn't want to waste your time.

I started experiencing some difficulties stooling about 14 years ago while I was still in the university (UNICAL). I noticed I couldn't completely empty my bowel. But I would always ignore it.

That was my biggest mistake…. Never ignore pile symptoms, even while it's minor.

Mine would have been treated easily if I had taken the right steps the same 14 years ago.
It was a hell of an experience as things got worse.

I started seeing droplets of blood in my stool.

At some point, I noticed anytime I consume my favourite Fearless Energy Drink or anything that contains proceesed sugar, the blood will be rushing out from anus when I use the toilet. 

I went for a series of tests, It was confirmed that I had a severe PILE case.

The hemorrhoid is now at stage 4 and that has caused wounds in the inner walls of my anus and the pile has gotten to big that its blocking feces from coming out. That's I'm in so much pain and can't seem to easily pass feces, hence the reason I can't seem to also empty my bowel. 

The doctor mentioned that all He could do for now is prescribe medicines to help me manage it.

"Please, doctor, l've really suffered a lot, and I'm losing it. I'd really appreciate it if you could give me something to cure these things once and for all. No matter the amount, l'll try to raise it and pay, just to get healed from ulcer permanently- I told the Doctor.

He looked me in the eye and called my name - "Dear Keneth My friend, I can see the pains in your eyes and words. I understand this PILE has tormented you a lot, and I wish I could help. But there's sad news. PILE or HEMORRHOIDS has no cure. I can only give you the best medication available to help you manage it."

Aside that, you’ll have to settle for the surgery option.

I left his office feeling like my life had come to an end!

Obviously, I needed something to take these things off my body system completely.

I was not even up to 30 years. How could he expect me to live with this for the rest of my life?

I would probably take my life before hemorrhoids kills me.

Fast forward to 5 years, I got married, hoping I'd have a happy home just like most of my friends.

...this is after my first fiancee ended our relation because I couldn't perform well.

So, with my new wife, I didn't want to tell her how chronic my pile Issue was.

I was buying both herbal and orthodox medicines, trying many things people suggested…

First reason i listened to people was to get something i can take to satisfy my wife

Second reason was to permanently get rid of this hemorrhoid ...but none could truly heal me.

Sometimes, when I felt I was okay, the whole thing fired back.

Have You Tried Any Of These?

Because I did, and they couldn't give me the healing I was looking for!

* Analsol: the one you buy and they’ll ask you to insert in your anus
* Shea butter: Popularly called Ori here in Lagos. The one they'll ask you to rub on the LUPMS (extra flesh) around your anus
* Different Ointments
* Pain killers like Diclofenac 100mg, Krusher tablet, Ibucap forte, 
* And many herbal products I found online.

People took advantage of me and sold things that didn't work for me to worsen it all.

3 years later into my marriage but no child, Neigbours were mocking my wife when she sends their kids little errands, I could hear the gossips even though she doesn't tell me much about it.

I was very worried.

But all I could do in that period was beg her to be a little patient with me because she now knows I had a problem

During this period, I was always feeling anal pains, blood in my stool, and anything I ate would make me stool blood.

At some point, I started having severe back pains, no more early morning erection and often felt that something is stuck in my lower back. I couldn't sit. If I do, blood will drop all over my underwear. And the pains was unbearable.

I even had to start using adult pampers because on 3 different occasions, my colleague at work called my attention to blood stains on my native attair which was encourage on friday at my place of work.

At this point, my wife was getting tired of me as I was always down and groaning in pains. We were not even talking about making love anymore because I was a shadow of myself.

Family and friends kept suggesting medicines and referring us to herbalists and medical experts.

After spending huge amounts, I would still go back to my previous condition.

It became so bad that I resigned from my high-paying job.

Then I knew this pile was ready to take my life, and I couldn't help it.

"Could this be some jazz or diabolical stuff?" I kept thinking.

Fast forward to February, 2018, my story changed!

One of the doctors I met in Port Harcourt who really felt for me told me to stop all the medications I was using.

He stated openly that those medicines are
Management Therapies and not Curative Therapies.

I was mute for some seconds, looking into his eyes, trying to figure what he meant.

He sat up in his rotating chair and continued,

"you see, most of these things ulcer patients take are management therapies. They don't cure ulcer cases but can help people manage their ulcers."

"There are very few solutions that can actually cure Ulcer permanently. I mean a solution that restores your life to be like that of a baby."

"I'll give you a number to call." He said while writing the number on a piece of paper.

"Tell him, Doctor Andrew directed you to him.

Tell him that I said he should give you PILE ZERO BY DR ADAMS."
I was still speechless while I collected the number from him.

With a heart and mind full of doubts, I thanked him and left his office.

As he said, I got DR ADAMS PILE ZERO, and that little action changed the story for me.

For over 3 years now, I have never experienced those pains, and I eat and drink anything i want. be it peppery, salty or things that contains sugar

Aside that, my anus returned back inside after a few months as all the lumps around my anus shrank completely.

The best part is, I gradually regained my early morning erection, no more quick ejaculation, no more erectile dysfunction and my overall sexual drive is VERY VERY GOOD. 

I'm now a proper man

Up till now, I'm still surprised about the change; my friends, husband, and kids can't believe it.

- I thought to myself - "why not share this solution to help people who still pass through hell in the name of PILE? At least, It will help save them stress, time, money, and above all, restore their health."

For a long time now, I've tried to kill this thought whenever it comes to my mind. So, I just shared it with a few friends who had this hemorrhoid.

But finally, I feel it's time to SHARE THIS SECRET with everyone. A secret that restored my body system to normalcy after battling with hemorrhoid for over 15 years.


Your Doctors Are Telling You Lies - I'll Expose Them.

If a doctor has ever told you that Pile or Hemorrhoids has no cure, they lied to you.

Most of them want you to keep giving them consultation fees and pay for management therapies.

Here's the truth a few persons know, and those who know about this are FREE FROM Pile ISSUES.

Pile can be treated permanently.

Unfortunately, not all medicines can do this.
This is why Dr Adams Pile Zero beats them all.

It stands out from the rest.

Little wonder most of the patients that come to us complain about having used several products they bought online that didn't work for them.

See What Dr Adams Pile Zero Will Do For

    • Dr Adams Pile Zero Heals both internal and external hemorrhoids, anal fissure, anal prolapse.
    • Dr Adams Pile Zero focuses on the growth of the hemorrhoids from the inside of your anal region.  It fights, shrinks and completely heals the cause so that the symptoms will go off forever.
    •  With Dr Adams Pile Zero, you can eat ANY FOOD OR DRINK after the treatment. Even if it has too much pepper, Maggi, Salt or drinks that contain sugar, nothing will happen to you.
    • You'll get the permanent cure you've always wanted. This will make you save the money you would have spent on further medications.
    • It will restore your body system to normalcy - You'll feel like a baby with zero worries!
    • it's all-natural and has no side effects. So, it will give your body the calmness you want.

I know you have tried lots of things. People will promise you heaven and earth, telling you that their product will heal you completely.

But they never worked for you!

Currently, there are several
Pile (Hemorrhoids) products online.

If you don't get this now, you'll
still give your money to those hungry sellers without getting any result.

Believe me when I say I really
know and understand how you feel because l've been there.

- Dr Adams Pile Zero is made from natural
- ingredients that have zero side effects on the body system.

- It doesn't just calm the symptoms but ELIMINATES the underlying cause, which is pile!

Active Ingredients:

Berry SD, Lemon root, Black SD, PuffLD


Internal hemorrhoids, External hemorrhoids, Prolapsed haemorrhoids

Not to be used by pregnant women and children below 8 years

Directions For Use:

...they are two ways of using this medication

Method 1: Put a bag of lipton or top tea inside half glass of warm water. Pour a tea spoon of the PILE ZERO inside the glass of warm water, stir and drink.


Step 1: Get lime or lemon juice of upto 25cl

Step 2: Measure 5 caps or tablespoon of the Pile-Zero and pour into the 25cl of lime/lemon juice

Step 3: Dilute/mix in a container with 1.5 liters of water (3 sachet of pure water)

Step 4: Take 2 shots or 12 tablespoons first thing in the morning (at least 30 minutes before breakfast). Take another two shots at night after food. At least 30 minutes after you must have had your dinner.


Kindly Note

We have a voice message available on Whatsapp to help you better understand how to prepare and use this product effectively for best result.

Also, our agent is always available to guide you over the phone if you any questions. 

Wait! We're Not Pushing You To Get This Product!

You have two options to choose from.
It's either you decide to get Dr Adams Pile Zero today
You keep struggling with Hemorrrhoids and its issues which will cost you money, time, happiness and cause you pains.

If you miss this, you'll definitely spend money on the next medicine that doesn't work.

You're in charge. So, whatever decision you make, I wish you the best of luck!

See what people are saying about this product

Before starting your Dr Adams Pile Zero, my pains were almost unbearable. I could not go for a long walk, as it would get very uncomfortable on the way and I would also get bleeding during my regular bowel movements. I seriously didn’t know what to do about it, but one thing for sure – I didn’t want to go for surgery.

Thanks to your Natural Therapy. I’m now back to jogging (my favourite sport).

- Mr Paulinus from Enugu

I took a chance on the pile-zero for my son who was slowly dieing due to hemorrhoids for 7 good years.

All i can say right now is its one of the best decision i have made in my life. Thank you Dr. Adams

Mrs Florence from ikeja

There are so many rubbish product out there but this one stands out for me

I saw this product online and ordered it for a friend, it cured him of hemorrhoids in just a few weeks.

Abiodun from Osogbo

Before you make a decision...

You may want to be very sure this product works well and it's not another scam.

 It's very possibe you might have been dissapointed in the past and you want to be very sure you are making the right decision this time.

I'm aware of how you feel and i totally understand it.

So I've decided to prove this is NOT another scam by uploading chats of when customers first contacted us for the DR ADAMS PILE ZERO

Just like you, they had doubts but we were able to clear everyone of them.

Let's start with a story of Madam Dorcas.

Kindly read below...


(Our medication guarantees permanent cure for your hemorrhoid no matter how long and chronic it is...)

So after a while, I decided to check up on HER just to make sure she's permanently alright like we promised.

See her response below...

The End.

But that's not all.

Check out Mr Bello's story below.

It doesn't end there...

Kindly play and listen to the phone conversation between a customer and a representative of ours on the medication

Here's the deal! I told you earlier that I didn't want to share this secret. But looking at the number of persons that suffer chronic pile and the number of people who have been collecting money from people like you without seeing results, I have made my decision!

I'm making Dr Adams Pile Zero available now to everyone, but here's the sad news.

I'm not sure this will be available to everyone because we have just a limited quantity.

We're sorry if you skip this now because you might not get it again.

I'm sure this offer will not be available forever.
Left for me, I would have given out these products for free because I know how you feel and how much you must have spent.

But my team says NO, considering the costs we're incurring and the situation of things in this Nation.

But the good news is this - l've been able to solicit on your behalf, and they agreed to reduce the price by 10k and deliver it to you for FREE.

You'll not pay for the delivery. You only pay for the product when you receive it.

So, instead of #22,500, you'll be getting a bottle of this for #12,500.

If you have a case of more than 1 year, then you'll need 2 bottles.

For 2 bottles, you'll get it at #22,500 instead of #45,000.

Because we have just a few products left, well attend to people who have their money ready.

If you're ready to receive your order and pay today or tomorrow, then fill the form below.

After providing your details below, click "I WANT THIS MEDICATION" and wait for about 10 seconds so your order can be recieved without any error.

1 Dr Adams Pile Zero Bottle =  ₦22,500


Today's price

(recommended for pile cases below 1 year)



2 Dr Adams Pile Zero Bottle =  ₦45,000


Today's price


(recommended for chronic pile of over 1 year)

What happens if you don't treat it now?

Pile causes so many other illnesses in your body so treating pile completely from your system will help your overall health.

Here are the disadvantages of pile to your health...

Pile can make you have weak erection
Pile can make you have chronic back ache
Pile can make you have Anus protruded
Pile can make you have quick ejaculation
Pile can make you fart alot.
Pile can make you have intestinal movements
Pile can make you have stomach disturbance
Pile can make you have scanty menstruation
Pile can contribute to diabetes
Pile can contribute to high sugar level
Pile can make you bleed while stooling
Pile can make you less of physical fitness

Honestly, it will be in your best interest to destroy HEMORRHOIDS completely from your system with Dr Adams Pile Zero

You can also message  09014895629 on Whatsapp with the details below to own a package of this medication.

Full name:

Phone Number:

Alternative phone Number:

Delivery Address:

Package and price: 1 pack, 12,500

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