Before now, I've Had Painful Stomach Ulcer For 10 Years.

At Some Point I Thought I Was Not Going To Take My Favourite Foods & Drinks Ever Again...

This is Because Nothing Worked For A Long Time! Until I Ran Into a Herbal Powder called 

Ulcer Terminator by

Dr Adams.

How I Stumbled On This Herbal SOLUTION!

It was so unusual, that it still baffles my doctor and my mum till date. 

Started from my second year at the University of Abuja. 


Initially, I thought it was just one of those stomach aches that comes and goes.  

I then realized it was a full blown ulcer when I couldn’t get up from my bed to write one of my 2nd year second semester exams. 


While my mates made it to the hall, my room mates led me to the school clinic.  

I missed that paper and had a carry over!  

On getting to the clinic, I was examined by a doctor. 


Was told i have U-L-C-E-R. 


All the prescriptions NEVER worked… from Gestid to MistMag and Jawasil… to awful tasting garlic, honey, unripe plantain & herbal concoctions… I TRIED Them All!  

Some just calm it for some times, then it comes back, worse than it was before 

I gave up at some point…. thinking i will probably live with ulcer for the rest of my life.


…until I miraculously ran into a specially formulated powerful herbal POWDER, made from a combination of 27 Rare Unique Roots and Herbs… only found in the ancient high Hilamaya Mountains of Nepal.  

I Used it The First Week, The Result Was MAGICAL. 

And in short  3 weeks It totally eliminated my very painful stomach ulcer…


The painful burning stomach, heart burn, the sleepless nights, the blood in stool and the entire stomach discomfort… all VANISHED! 

Most importantly, i can now rest well at night. 

And also my mum finally had rest of mind as she also couldn't sleep due to the restlessness.


The result surprised the doctor that has been treating me at the National Hospital Abuja… that he couldn’t help but share my success story with some of his patients, who are mostly top Abuja politicians, celebrities and top successful government contractors.


That’s part of the reason I was ‘forced’ to start letting other people know about this. 

After helping many influencial people with this;  

I thought I would be very stupid if I do not bring this to the notice of more people;  

…so that more and more people suffering from this painful thing called ulcer can benefit… and stop wasting their money on these ‘so-called ulcer’ solution’ that don’t work.

See what Mr Chibu has to say about this medication...

Introducing The Effective Herbal Medication That Has Worked Wonders...

Dr Adams Ulcer Terminator is a herbal powder therapy which is hygienically and clinically formulated for the management and permanent treatment of 

  • Peptic Ulcer
  • Gastric Ulcer
  • H-pylori Bacteria.

Here Is What The Dr Adams Ulcer Terminator Will Do For You;

- Permanently stops the ulcer pains in the stomach, chest and the rest of the body.

- Kills the H.Pylori bacteria infection in the stomach that causes the ulcer.

- Permanently heals the ulcer wounds in the walls of the stomach and intestine caused by this disease.

- Fights off acid reflux and stomach worms.

- Destroys all forms chronic ulcers; peptic, gastric and esophageal ulcers.

- Helps to regain lost weight and strength.

- Regain appetite for your favorite foods.

- Eat and drink anything you want without fear; spicy foods? - Yes!

- Sleep comfortably at night without the discomfort of ulcer pains.

Aside all of the above,

...its guaranteed that after using this medication, you'll be able to return to your normal life and enjoy all of those things you've been avoiding...

For example, if you have been avoiding peppery foods, you won't have to ANYMORE

See prove below

This product is so good that no one takes it without coming back to us with a positive feedback – that’s my assurance to you.

How much is it?...

 Dr Adams Ulcer Terminator Comes in 2 bottles FOR A PERMANENT CURE.

Normal Price: ₦43,500

Bonus Price For Today: ₦25,000

The medication is in powdered form and the 2 bottles you'll be getting will last for at least 2 Months.

Based on our experience, it's 100% guaranteed that before you finish the medication, the stomach or chest ulcer will heal up and be gone completely.

What People Are Saying About Our Chronic Ulcer Terminator...

During the early stages of my ulcer problem, I tried almost all remedies I saw online but none worked.

I can remember on a Sunday afternoon in 2021, I vowed never to buy any medication online.

But then, the ones I got from pharmacies and hospitals as recommended by different doctors didn't permanently end the heartburn and chest pain problem. Anytime I stop the medication, it comes back even worse.

I often laugh off and ignore every advert on ulcer because i thought it has no cure...

but when I saw your product in January, my spirit just directed me to give it a trial.

As I speak to you today, all the ulcer discomforts I have been managing for past 8 years are now gone  after just 2 bottles of this medication. 

Dr Adams, I am really grateful to God for bringing you my way after all these years.


from Abia state

When i first came across your product, I thought it was once of those rubbish online and that's why i neglected your advice to buy two bottles and bought one.

I want to apologise for not trusting although you won't blame me.

But the good news, your medication is the best thing that's happened. After over 11 years, I am my back to my real self.

No more feeling fatigued, weight loss, unnecessary vomiting and pains in my upper abdomen.

Thank you very much sir.


from Adeniji, Lagos state.

Before you make a decision...

You may want to be very sure this product works well and it's not another scam.

 It's very possible you might have been disappointed in the past and you want to be very sure you are making the right decision this time.

I'm aware of how you feel and i totally understand it.

So I've decided to prove this is NOT another scam by uploading chats of when customers first contacted us to ORDER the DR ADAMS ULCER TERMINATOR

Just like you, they had doubts but we were able to clear everyone of them.

Let's start with a story of MR AFEEZ.

Kindly read below...

Note two things: The man inquired and ordered the medication on the 31st of July. And the medication was delivered to him on the 2nd of August.

Try and study the dates on the screenshots as you read on. 

This is to show you how transparent we are.

Now lets continue

Two months months later after using the medication, an agent still reached out to see how he's doing.

See screenshot below...


(Our medication guarantees permanent cure for your ULCER  no matter how long and chronic it is...)

So I decided to STILL ask him just to make sure he's permanently alright like we promised.

See his response below...

The End.

But that's not all.

Here's another story of Mr. David

Kindly read below...

the main gist is in the voice note he sent which I  screen recorded and saved for you...

just play the video below to listen to it.

Just like Mr Afeez we checked up on Mr David after a few months.

It's 2023 and here's what he had to say.

The End.

But Wait A Minute!!!

You saw where he said he smokes sometimes right?...

While we don't encourage that, it's another prove that after using our medication you'll be perfectly fine and you'll be free to go back to those things you stopped doing due to this ulcer.

Yours may not be smoking...

however, how about your favourite foods and drinks?

Won't you like to go back enjoying them and also living a life free of chest pains, back pains, bloody stools, Bloating, Heartburn and others discomforts?

If your answer is YES! Kindly provide your details below to get this medication and use as prescribed.


(Our medication guarantees permanent cure for your ULCER no matter how long and chronic it is... and this can be confirmed by medical test after using the medication)

You just have to do two things to get result.
  1. Order the recommended package for you... which is  3 bottles for ulcer challenge that has lasted for more than a year.
  2. After ordering, KINDLY make sure you contact our agent via WhatsApp or direct phone call for proper usage guidelines and ensure you use the product as prescribed.

How can i get this product?

it's very easy...

All you need to do to place your order, is fill the form below. 

After providing your details by filling the form below, kindly click on SUBMIT... & PROCESS MY ORDER button and wait for a few seconds so you'll be redirected to the Thank You Page.

Here's what you'll notice when you start using the Dr Adams Ulcer Terminator

  • In your first 3-7 days of using this product, your chest pain, heart burn, and back pain will stop
  • The Dr Adams Ulcer Terminator  works by healing the sores or wounds in the lining of your small intestine. This will immediately address the Upper abdominal pains, bleeding and other discomforts.
  • This natural herbal powder will also help correct the issue of Allergy to food and drinks. In essence, the Dr Adams Ulcer Terminator will help you live your life the way you use to before you were diagnosed of ulcer. 
  • You'll no longer have to avoid certain food or drinks because you're scared it may trigger your ulcer when you take them.
  • Let me not say much about this...

See prove of individuals who have used the medication below...

For those of you who would like to be sure that this medication does guarantee a permanent cure after using as prescribed

There's a video I want you to see.

But before I show you; let me brief you about this man. 

His name his Shedrack and his life has been tormented by H-pylori bacteria (which is the primary cause of ulcer).

He has literally looked for solutions everywhere but has been disappointed.

Just like you, He saw the DR ADAMS Ulcer Terminator online and decided to give it a try despite having doubts.

After he stopped experiencing all the symptoms he used to have. He wanted to  be sure he wasn't dreaming so he decided to run a medical test TWICE.

On the 14th of September, he snapped and sent me his test result. 

The result came out NEGATIVE; which confirmed he's NOW H-pylori free.

See the video below...


Below is the review of a YORUBA MAN who used this medication and also bought for others.

Kindly play and listen to his honest review below.

Another Review

But this time, its a phone conversation with an HAUSA man named Mustapha

Kindly play and listen to his honest review below.

Click to play

Have you been looking for the right medication for someone in your life who's been battling with ULCER?

Just like Mr Obinna, you can restore joy to their life by giving them the Dr Adams Ulcer Terminator

This herb is guaranteed to  all their pains go away

See What More People Are Saying About Our Solution

Carefully read the conversation below...

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If the pains and discomforts you go through don't get better and you still can't eat your favourite food (be it fried, peppery or oily) without having issues within 7days of using the Dr Adams Ulcer Terminator as prescribed.  just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.


Dr. Adams.

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