Discover The Newly Improved, Fast, Safe and Effective "Herbal Solution"  A Lagos Based Retired 64-years Old Man Used To Permanently Cure His Prostate Enlargement Problem Of Over 8 Years

(This Herbs Works For Enlarged Prostate, Prostatitis and Prostate Cancer)

AFter Uisng this herbal powder, He Mentioned His enlarged prostate gland has shrinked because he confirmed by running a medical test which showed his PSA size has reduced. 

Aside that he also told us: I can now completely empty my bladder without pains, My frequent urination has stopped, and I also noticed improved £rection for better fun with my partner.

"Hundreds of Prostate victims who were living a life of agonizing pains are now enjoying pain-free life once again - thanks to the New Herbal Prostate Ultra Care, says its discoverer, Dr. Adams.

Listen to what this pastor whom i recommended the herb has to say about it...

Everyone will keep telling you that their product works and those bla bla bla…. but they only make you feel better for a while. Next thing, the pains are back again.

That's bad!

In fact, I fell for almost all of them without any PERMANENT result.

Want To know A Secret?

Sit down, and take a bottle of your favorite drink while I unveil this SECRET that will change your frequent urination and Prostate problem story forever.

I'm writing this from my heart, and I have tears of joy rolling because I never knew I could live a normal life again, by waking up just once at night, being able to completely empty my bladder, enjoying free flow of urine and being able to have proper £rection and perform again like a 25 year old.

So, it will be at your own benefit if you read every line to the last to see how I got healed from my enlarged prostate problem completely.

 How It All Started...

It was exactly 10:45 PM; the night of 55th birthday. I felt a strong urge to go and urinate but I decided to hold it for a while.  After about 10 minutes, I noticed my short was getting wet; the urine was dropping so I rushed to the toilet and tried to urinate properly...

…While I was in the toilet, the urine wasn’t coming out the way it should.

I decided to apply force so the urine can come out but felt a really sharp pain. I stopped and tried again and this time, the pain increased and I felt in my lower abdomen. 

"Again???" I shouted!

After spending over #50,000 in the last medication, I bought online. I thought the battle was over. Then, it came back more than it has always been.

At least, it was just frequent urination before, but the pains I am now experiencing is terrible. 

Here's the truth; I've spent over One Million

Naira trying to treat my Enlarged prostate problem. It started with only frequent urination which I noticed when I was 46 years. As at then, i thought it was nothing. 

I remembered my wife was talking to me about my frequent urination being abnormal; I replied her it’s because I drink too much water and that it’s nothing serious. 

After 3 years, the frequent urination increased, but what took me to the hospital was that my £rection became very weak. I couldn’t even perform again for one minute.

The hospital I went to ran a test which confirmed I was suffering enlarged prostate. The result showed my PSA was 108 and According to the doctor, I am very lucky it’s not even cancerous. He added that  if I am not careful and do something about it very fast, it very likely it will become cancerous.

My World came crashing down.

It was then I started trying several doctors, herbalists, and even my siblings flew me abroad, but I didn't get any lasting solution because I don’t want to do surgery.

My wife was gradually getting tired of me… Don't blame her! She had really tried

Every night, I’d hope I don’t feel the urge to urinate. At some point, I'd be begging God to let me see the next day.

In the morning, I'd beg to survive the pains again and hope the dropping of urine doesn’t disgrace me at work.

I hated drinking water or taking anything liquid  because if I do, I’d feel the urge to urinate and urinating was hell for me…

This was because the urine won’t come out on time and when I try to force it, the pains are unbearable.

Even when my lovely wife prepared my favorite foods, I'd take little or nothing because taking too much would make me thirsty and I don’t want to drink water.

Deep down, I wanted to take my life.

On 29th August 2020, I booked a session with a specialist doctor in Abuja.

My wife and I traveled from Lagos to Abuja,

Because I was traveling far from home, I tore part of my towel, and wrapped it around my Private part. Just Incase of any leakage, the towel will absorb it and  prevent the urine from showing on my trouser.

When we got to the hospital in Abuja, it was our turn to see the doctor...after much examinations and interrogations


"Mr man, I don't think you can get a complete cure for this your prostate issue. You have prostate enlargement, and all you can do is

manage it and use CATHETER because you can't find a complete cure.

I have seen your type before, and they didn't really survive it.

...the doctor told me"

I couldn't be a man anymore, so I bent my head, and tears dropped.

I openly saw my death!

I was willing to spend anything to get healed, and this doctor wasn't even giving any hope.

So, he prescribed some medications to help control the rate at which I frequent the toilet.

I paid #52,000 for consultation and the medications he prescribed.

2 months passed, I wasn't feeling any better. 

At this point, I just wanted death to come so I could end the agonizing discomfort and pains.

My wife was telling people about my condition, hoping to get help and suggestions.

One evening, she came back and told me about a herbalist that specializes in prostate treatment. People recommended this herbalist, saying he was so good in his works. We prepared and met him one Saturday morning.

After narrating my story, he laughed and said it was nothing. He was assuring us that he had healed even more severe cases, and the victims became free.

I felt joy! For the first time in many months, I laughed.

We paid #47,000 and collected his medication. was feeling better until after two weeks; 

Because I was feeling confident due to the improvement I was seeing, I decided to eat well and drink water normally.

Then Things went bad!

That night I couldn’t sleep. I went to toilet over 20 times…

and all the pains came back like they had been waiting for me.

At this point, I got tired of life completely. I couldn't believe that my life would be full of pains till the day I die.

Did I offend anyone? 

Could this be a spell or punishment from God? 

I kept asking myself.

All the medications we were buying online were not really working; then I decided not to buy anything.

It's either the sleepless night and discomfort during the day because of frequent urination and pains kill me or leave me one day.

Introducing The New Herbal Prostate Ultra Care That Shrinked my enlarged prostate, Stopped my frequent urination, Ensured I was able to urinate freely without pains, and Gave me an Improved £rection. 

We decided to meet another doctor this time, all thanks to my lovely wife.

She had met someone who directed us to Doctor Christopher - another prostate specialist.

We met this very honest doctor who revealed everything to my wife and I.

In his words... "Don't you know that healing you completely means no money in the pockets of hospitals, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies” 

I didn't understand him well. So, he continued, "If we heal you completely today, will you still visit any hospital again for Prostate issues?"


I didn't think twice; I hurriedly said "No, Doctor."

"That's why you'll hardly find a doctor that will heal you."


He laid back to his rotating chair and continued.

"You see, there is something patients and victims don't understand, and that's one of the secret codes in this health industry. But I'll tell you."

"If we heal everyone that visits us immediately, and completely, at a point, we'll not have patients to treat or who buy pharmaceutical drugs from our big companies.

"That's why you may hardly get a complete treatment. But I can see you've really suffered from this frequent urination and Prostate enlargement problem.

He opened his small laptop bag and brought out a powdered substance in a gallon.

He continued - "I will give you this Prostate Ultra Care, just take it and go.

"When you get home, Put a tablespoon inside half a glass of water, stir very well and drink. 

You can also prepare the herbs with little quantity of lemon juice because your case is more than 2 years now. It shrinks the prostate gland faster. And Another benefit of this is to prevent kidney stones that might have been building up because you have not been drinking water the way you should.

Here's my card, call me after 20 days of consistently using as prescribed to tell me how you feel."

I was looking at him with my mouth wide open because I was expecting him to prescribe orthodox medications.

He looked at my wife and I and said to us-"I want your family to be happy again by shrinking the prostate gland itself so all these frequent urination, pains while urinating, incomplete bladder emptying and £rectile dysfunction that torment your husband will stop permanently. 

This is against the doctors' code, but I'm risking my job just to restore happiness and pain-free life in you. I brought this for my elder brother who is already showing early signs. He’s still at the frequent urination stage right now and now is best I help him handle it once and for all. Because he’s yet to come, you can  have it. I'll get him another one."

I was shocked but thanked him, and we left.

Fast forward to the 20th day, which was about 3 weeks on the medication, The first thing I noticed was that my frequent urination reduced drastically. From waking up over 9 times at night to urinate, I started waking up just 1 time and maximum of 2 times. All the pains were also gone, but I was skeptical. 

I didn't want to have the frequent urination and pains back when I eat properly and drink water.

After the 4th week of using the medication , I was still waiting for the usual frequent and pains to start again but that didn't happen. 

It was weekend, so that evening My wife prepared my favorite food; she suggested I eat well and drink water properly,

Guess what? 

Even after several hours after eating Afang soup with assorted and a full plate of Akpu, I still slept well. 

In fact, I didn’t wake up until few minutes past 7am.

I was paying attention to my body and getting ready when I slept off. When I woke up and saw the time, I was shocked.

The frequent urination, pains, and other discomforts were all gone.


I called him, and couldn't thank him enough.

We became friends, and I said to myself - since I could get healed even after 9 years of suffering this prostate problem, why allow other people like you to continue in these frequent urination, pains and discomforts. Not forgetting the erectile issues too.

Trust me, I've been there, and I can say that you don't have to continue in such pains when you have A PROVEN AND NEW HERBAL MEDICATION THAT SHRINKS ENLARGED PROSTATE PERMANENTLY.

But There Is BAD NEWS,

I'm not sure this product will be available forever, so you have to get it now while it's still available.

0 day 2 hours 27 minutes 21 seconds

Before you make a decision...

You may want to be very sure this product works well and it's not another scam.

 It's very possibe you might have been dissapointed in the past and you want to be very sure you are making the right decision this time.

I'm aware of how you feel and i totally understand it.

So I've decided to prove this is NOT another scam by uploading chats of when customers first contacted us to ORDER the DR ADAMS PROSTATE ULTRA CARE

Just like you, they had doubts but we were able to clear everyone of them.

Let's start with a story of MR BROWN.

This man ordered by filling a form on this website, his order was recieved and processed.

See the order below...

After the order was recieved, it was processed and delivered him...

...After which he contacted us on Whatsapp for DETAILED USAGE INSTRUCTIONS

Kindly read below...

Check the date on the previous screenshot, he started using it in May.

Now, After using it as prescribed which lasted a few months, he decided to reach out again.

His message came this morning.

Kindly read below.

He initially contacted us for his friend

But that's because what we gave him worked. 

To be sure, our agent asked about his health and below is his response

The End.

But that's not all.

Check out Mr Obafemi's story below.

Kindly note that, this man ordered on Whatsapp by providing his details.


(Our medication guarantees permanent cure for your PROSTATE CHALLENGE no matter how long and chronic it is...)
You just have to do two things to get result.
  1. Order the recommended package for you... which is at least 2 bottles for prostate challenge that has lasted for more than a year.
  2. After ordering, KINDLY make sure you contact our agent via Whatsapp or direct phone call for proper usage guidelines and ensure you use the product as prescribed.

Here's another story of Mr Steve

Let me brief about this man.

After he intially ordered via our website i remember calling him to talk to him about his health.

At the end of our discussion i advised him to go for 2 bottles bacause that's what he'll need to permanently end his prostate problem but he refused and said he wants to be sure this medication really works so he's going to start with one.

I understood his fear. He has been dissapointed in the past so he's being very carefull.

So i said to him; NO PROBLEM SIR. You can start with one bottle.

See his first below...

Now, after using and confirming the effectiveness, he decided to reach out to me for another bottle. This time he reached out via Whatsapp.

The reason for this is because there's only one issue left. And this issue was taken care off after using the second bottle of the Dr Adams Prostate Ultra Care

Read below to find out yourself...

Hope you saw where he mentioned the only problem he was having...

Now keep reading to see what he has to say after using the second bottle he ordered.

Hope you saw where he mention every symptom has dissapeared including erectile dysfunction

This is to let you know that what we offer at Dr Adams Herbals works and all you have to do to get permanently cured is get the recommended package and use as prescribed. 

You won't be dissapointed.

The End

Now provide your details below to place your order.

See what others who used this herbal solution before you are saying.

Wait!!!... there's More

I know you would like to be sure this medication will correct and improve your erection to make you perform better..

Check the screeshot below...

For those of you who want to know if this herb will shrink or reduce your PSA, listen to the voice message below...

But it doesn't end there...

Kindly play and listen the conversation between a representative of Dr Adams and people that are having prostate challenges...

 Dr Adams Prostate Ultra Care comes in 3 packages

If the issue has been just for a few months or you want to use for prevention, 1 bottle is what you need.


If the issue has been for about 2 years, you'll need up to 2 bottles


If the issue has been for over 2 years, you'll need more than 3 bottles or more


1 bottle of Dr Adams Prostate Ultra Care = 13,500


2 bottles of Dr Adams Prostate Ultra Care = 25,000 (best offer)


3 botlles + 1 free bottle = 40,500

How Do I Order?

All you need to do to place your order, is fill the form below. 

After providing your details by filling the form below, kindly click on I WANT THIS MEDICATION button and wait for a few seconds so you'll be redirected to the Thank You Page.

See sample below.

Seeing the page above is a guarantee that your order will be recieved.

Then expect a call or a Whatsapp Message from one of our friendly customer representative, to confirm your order.

In a situation whereby an error ocured and you didn't see the Thank You Page.

This automatically means your order won't be recieved so you're advised to messsage on Whatappp 0901 489 5629 to order.

It's that simple.


Lastly, before you order...

Please note that this medication is not for everyone.

It's only for those who are willing to it seriously and use as prescribed regardeless of thier previous experience with other medications.

Aside that, if you know you travelled, or won't be available to recieve your medication in the next 48 hours maximum, Please don't order for this medication.


Kindly fill the form below to place your order now

Carefully read the converstion below...

So why buy now?

Dr Adams Prostate Ultra Care is very high in demand due to his efficacy in treating all prostate challenges and providing permanent cure. So it may only be available for a short period, this is a ''once in a lifetime opportunity!

A lot of people are taking action. And that is why you have to place your orders now!

Direction For Use

They are 2 different method you can use this medication for best result.

Method 1: (This method is recommended for those who want to use this medication as a preventive measure and those whose prostate are not very severe)

Pour one tablespoon of the Dr Adams Prostate Care Herbal powder inside half a glass of ordinary water; stir well and drink.

This should be done before food in the morning and after food at night.

 Method 2

this method is recommended for severe prostate challenges above 2 years.

Even if you have been nursing this prostate challenge for over 20 years, the strategy below will work for you...

Step 1: Get lime or lemon juice of upto 25cl

Step 2: Measure 5 caps or tablespoon of the PROSTATE ULTRA CARE and pour into the 25cl of lime/lemon juice

Step 3: Dilute/mix in a container with 1.5 liters of water (3 sachet of pure water)

Step 4: Take two shots first thing in the morning (at least 30 minutes before breakfast). Take another two shots at night after food. At least 30 minutes after you must have had your dinner.

What happens if you don't prevent/cure that prostate challenge now?


You have this feeling immediately after urinating that there is still something left.

As all these things happen, the bladder begins to work harder to compensate for the obstruction in the urethra. The frequency of urination goes up.

Urgency sets in. Sometimes you have to practically run into the toilet. Nocturia also becomes common. You wake up more than 2 times at night to urinate. Your wife begins to complain.

Because you are a man, you may not talk to anyone even at this point.

Then the more serious complications start.

Due to one's inability to completely empty the bladder, this will result to bladder enlargement so as contain the more urine. Stored urine eventually becomes infected and there may be burning sensation while urinating.

Aside that, the Stored urine forms crystals. Crystals come together to form stone either in the bladder or in the kidney. Stones may block the urethra.


The bladder stores more and more urine. The size of the bladder is 40 - 60cl. A bottle of coke is 50cl. As the bladder stores more urine it can enlarge up to 300cl.

An overfilled bladder may leak and this leads to wetting / urinary incontinence. Also the volume may put pressure on the kidney and may lead to kidney damage.

And then one day, one wakes up and he is not able to pass urine and then one is found in the hospital.

>>> This will not just deprive you of joy, but could also affect the state of mind of those who really care about you.

Honestly, no one wants to go through all these pains so get Dr Adams Ultra Prostate Care get permanently cured and also as a preventive measure

Below are a few more voice conversations with individuals who are on currently recovering thanks to Dr Adams Prostate Ultra Care


This medication is only for those who are willing to take it seriously and use as prescribed regardeless of thier previous experience with other medications.

Aside that, if you know you travelled, or won't be available to recieve your medication in the next 48 hours maximum, Please don't order for this medication.


You can now provide your details below to make your order

You can also message  09014895629 on Whatsapp with the details below to own a package of this medication.

Full name:

Phone Number:

Alternative phone Number:

Delivery Address:

Package and price: 1 pack, 13,500



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