My Dad had prostate surgery in 2008...

But Sadly, he left us a few weeks after due to complications.

Let me share with you how I was able to permanently cure mine after my test result showed I was having the same prostate enlargement problem.

Now, I No Longer Have to Visit The Toilet Frequently To Urinate At Night

No More Penile Pains, Urine Dribbling and Severe Discomforts


I Can Now Satisfy My Wife Everytime we Have Fun

The SECRET natural herbal mixture I used is what I am going to EXPOSE to you if you take your time to read to the end.

After trying many that didn't work for me, I can say that this is the only herb that is specially made to permanently tackle severe or complicated prostate issues no matter how long it has been.

It's 100% guaranteed that when you use this medication as prescribed, you'll definitely get result.

You see, there was a time my life was in discomfort, and every day was a nightmare for me because I had to deal with life-threatening Prostate pain. Even the doctors wrote me off and told me my case was beyond repair.

Here's How it all started...

My name is Tosin; I'm currently based in Ikeja, Lagos.

At first, I didn't take my condition seriously. I saw symptoms and ignored it until my wife got tired of watching me wake up countless times at night to go  the toilet and staying too long in there.

She Urged that I  get my self medically tested which i did and that was when my  greatest fear was confirmed.

When the Doctor told me I had enlarged prostate, my whole world came crashing down.

Surgery was never an option because I knew how it ended the last time someone dear to my heart tried it... and that person was My Dad.

Regardless of the situation, I decided this won't be the end of me.

So I was using drugs/products recommended by the doctor and friends. However, none worked.

Instead, the complications with my bladder and my penile area grew worse, and I couldn't enjoy my life any longer.

Urinating began looking like a suicidal attempt. On visiting the toilet, I will be left with pains and discomforts in my penile area

A neighbour gave me a medication and after some time, I realized that the medication was just to manage it. Although I felt some relieve, I became worried when I noticed the pains became worse after I stopped the medication for two days since it's finished.

On the third day of not taking the medication, I noticed I couldn't urinate well at night. It was just dripping and the pains I felt when trying was too much.

I took all the mixtures you could ever think of in this world, and instead of my condition improving, it kept on deteriorating!



At that time, I was working as a TEAM LEAD in a big firm that was into customer service. Due to the urination and general pains caused by my prostate challenge, I couldn't concentrate on my work properly, and my level of productivity dropped drastically.

Every minute, I would rush to the toilet to pass out urine and stay in for a long time. 

When members of my team would need me to help them with some queries as a team lead, I was not there. Instead I was in the toilet trying to pass out urine. Aside that, other employees who wanted to ease themselves complained they couldn't do that because I'm always inside.

Hence, I was a burden to my company and at the same time, I was inconveniencing everyone in the office.

It was not long before  I was referred to H.R since my Quality Performance dropped below 50% in 4 consecutive months.

The company relieved me of my duties and asked me to stay at home to properly take care of myself after getting advice from the company doctor.

Honestly, my world came crashing down

I was the breadwinner of my family with 3 kids and a wife. Even my sibings have always depended on me.

How would I cope with the loss of a job and the agony and pains of the enlarged prostate.


I was jobless, and I could no longer work to earn. I was using the remaining money left with me to consult other doctors and buy drugs in the hope of getting a cure

NOTHING WORKED! The moment I start feeling there's slight improvement, It comes back x10 stronger.

  • Urinating was a problem
  • Erection was a problem
  • Having sex was a problem
  • And when I manage and try to have sex, ejaculating was a big problem 
  • To crown it all, I stopped taking beer/wines and I feared drinking water because it will trigger the urge to visit the toilet even more. And visiting the toilet was like a death sentence to me.

My life was a living hell.

My family was thrown into depression and at some point, it looked as though that this enlarged prostate would be the end of my life! This was after i lost my job.

Many friends gave up on me...

because it got to a point whereby before I locate the toilet at any function we went together, the penile region of my trouser would be wet. I could no longer control it.

Even the company that sacked me did not reach out to me again to know if I was still alive. I GAVE UP ON MYSLEF TOO!

A lot of doctors were only interested in taking my money, and some were harsh enough to tell me my condition was permanent, and I just had to cope with it for the rest of my life! It was that terrible.

How my elder sister saved me!

My family was worried that I would die because every effort to cure me had proved abortive. Even the money to buy the drugs people were recommending was no longer available.  

I was broke and battling with constant prostate pains and severe discomfort.

I  became a customer of many hospitals and healing homes, yet I didn't get a single permanent solution to my problem.

So one day my sister decided to share my problem with a friend because she didn't know what to do again.  I was actayally dying!

Fortunately for us, the uncle to my sister's friend was a health expert who has been recommending a natural and safe herbal remedy to people battling with Prostate challenges and they got permanent cure! The solution was a secret.

I couldn't believe what had happened!

Within a few weeks of using this natural remedy, all my pains were gone, and I upon finishing my third bottle of the medication I was completely healed.

Initially, I thought the pain would come back, as the case with all the mixtures and drugs that I've been using before, but I was amazed at the wonders of this product! 

  • First, the urge to urinate frequently reduce drastically.
  •  There was no pain anytime I try to urinate again
  • I can now take enough bottles and then drink water without bothering on how to ease myself.
  • My erection became better and stronger.
  • I started having peace of mind with my bladder and overall penile area.
  • I could now sleep well without worries because my prostate challenge was cured permanently!

All Thanks To Dr Adams Prostate Ultra Care.

My life changed, and my family and I regained happiness after encountering this product. The pains and discomfort of my Prostate challenge was now a thing of the past!

The truth is I have spent millions and even lost a good job because of my enlarged prostate problem, and I wish I knew this Dr Adams Prostate Ultra Care then.

This ''Prostate Ultra Care'' product is carefully made from natural ingredients to create a powerful powdery solution that ultimately cures all kinds of prostate challenges!

Whether it's enlarged prostate (BPH) or prostatitis, Dr Adams Prostate Ultra Care will cure them completely; and you don't even have to waste your money consulting doctors or visiting hospitals!

  • Dr Adams Prostate Ultra Care is a safe, natural and effective Herbal Powder
  • Dr Adams Prostate Ultra carefully shrinks your enlarged prostate, and all kills bacteria that leaves your bladder infected due to excessive storage of urine
  • Dr Adams Prostate Ultra Care gives amazing results within a few weeks of usage.

How much is it?...

 Dr Adams Prostate Ultra Care Comes in 2 bottles FOR A PERMANENT CURE.

Normal Price: ₦37,500

Bonus Price For Today: ₦28,000

The medication is in powdered form and the 2 bottles you'll be getting will last for at least 2 Months.

Based on our experience, it's 100% guaranteed that before you finish the medication, the enlarged prostate problem will be gone completely.

What People Are Saying About Our Prostate Solution...

During the early stages of my prostate problem, I tried almost all remedies I saw online but none worked.

I can remember on a Sunday afternoon in 2018, I vowed never to buy any medication online.

But then, the ones I got from pharmacies and hospitals as recommended by different doctors didn't permanently end my prostate problem. Anytime I stop the medication, it comes back even worse.

I often laugh off and ignore every advert on prostate but when I saw your product in January, my spirit just directed me to give it a trial.

As I speak to you today, I am prostate enlargement free after just 2 bottles of this medication. Dr Adams, I am really grateful to God for bringing you my way after all these years.

Mr. Babatunde Abayomi

This is my sixth week of taking the Dr Adams Prostate Ultra Care herbal powder as being directed by you.

My frequent urination is gone.
Sound sleep in the night is what I am enjoying now and the Pain after urination is no more.

I so much appreciate you for this product
God bless you Sir

Mr. Emmanuel

When i first came across your product, I thought it was once of those rubbish online and that's why i neglected your advice to buy two bottle and bought one.

I want to apologise for not trusting although you won't blame.

But the good news, your medication is the best thing that's happened. After over 11 years, I now wake up with erection every morning.

Thank you very much sir.

Mr Mark

Before you make a decision...

You may want to be very sure this product works well and it's not another scam.

 It's very possible you might have been disappointed in the past and you want to be very sure you are making the right decision this time.

I'm aware of how you feel and i totally understand it.

So I've decided to prove this is NOT another scam by uploading chats of when customers first contacted us to ORDER the DR ADAMS PROSTATE ULTRA CARE

Just like you, they had doubts but we were able to clear everyone of them.

Let's start with a story of MR BROWN.

This man ordered by filling a form on this website, his order was received and processed.

See the order below...

After the order was recieved, it was processed and delivered him...

...After which he contacted us on WhatsApp for DETAILED USAGE INSTRUCTIONS

Kindly read below...

Check the date on the previous screenshot, he started using it in May.

Now, After using it as prescribed which lasted a few months, he decided to reach out again.

His message came this morning.

Kindly read below.

He initially contacted us for his friend

But that's because what we gave him worked. 

To be sure, our agent asked about his health and below is his response

The End.

But that's not all.

Here's another story of Mr. Steve

Let me brief about this man.

After he initially ordered via our website I remember calling him to talk to him about his health.

At the end of our discussion i advised him to go for 2 bottles because that's what he'll need to permanently end his prostate problem but he refused and said he wants to be sure this medication really works so he's going to start with one.

I understood his fear. He has been disappointed in the past so he's being very careful.

So I said to him; NO PROBLEM SIR. You can start with one bottle.

See his first below...

Now, after using and confirming the effectiveness, he decided to reach out to me for another bottle. This time he reached out via WhatsApp.

The reason for this is because there's only one issue left. And this issue was taken care off after using the second bottle of the Dr Adams Prostate Ultra Care

Read below to find out yourself...

Hope you saw where he mentioned the only problem he was having...

Now keep reading to see what he has to say after using the second bottle he ordered.

Hope you saw where he mention every symptom has disappeared including erectile dysfunction

This is to let you know that what we offer at Dr Adams Herbals works and all you have to do to get permanently cured is get the recommended package and use as prescribed. 

You won't be disappointed.

The End.


(Our medication guarantees permanent cure for your PROSTATE CHALLENGE no matter how long and chronic it is... and this can be confirmed by medical test after using the medication)

You just have to do two things to get result.
  1. Order the recommended package for you... which is 2 bottles for prostate challenge that has lasted for more than a year.
  2. After ordering, KINDLY make sure you contact our agent via WhatsApp or direct phone call for proper usage guidelines and ensure you use the product as prescribed.

How can i get this product?

it's very easy...

All you need to do to place your order, is fill the form below. 

After providing your details by filling the form below, kindly click on SUBMIT... & PROCESS MY ORDER button and wait for a few seconds so you'll be redirected to the Thank You Page.

Here's what you'll notice when you start using the Dr Adams Prostate Ultra Care

  • In your first 3-7 days of using this product, your frequent urination will stop
    This is because the medication will help you completely empty your bladder once and for all... So you won't have to visit the toilet multiple times to urinate either at night or during the day.
  • The Dr Adams Prostate Ultra Care works by shrinking your enlarged prostate back to it's normal size so there will be no obstruction in your urethra. This will in turn help you pass out urine without having to force it out. In essence, this will in turn help you urinate without pains or blood.
  • This natural herbal powder will also help correct the issue of ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION and help you improve your sexual performance so you can satisfy your partner.
  • Let me not say much about this...

See prove of individuals who have used the medication below...

For those of you who want to know if this herb will shrink or reduce your PSA, listen to the voice message below...

See What More People Are Saying About Our Solution

Fill The Form Below To Place Your Order.

Carefully read the conversation below that came in TODAY...

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If your frequent don't stop, or your erection don't improve within 2weeks of using the Dr Adams Prostate Ultra Care as prescribed.  just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.


Dr. Adams.

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